Put the Big Stone Down

Magic Crow Records MCR - 1006

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"So you've been looking for real.  You like it with the bark still on it, doncha?
Look no further: Geoff Bartley's Put the Big Stone Down is right in the
middle of the tradition (and) classy all the way.  I love it." 
                                                  ~ Tom Paxton (January 26, 2010)

Of the thirteen songs here, eight (three instrumentals) were written by Geoff. They range from the bluesy swagger of the title song to a journey through the night of the heart (Muscle for the Wing) to the humorous (The Cat Song). Other titles include a previously unrecorded Tom Paxton song (The Losing Part), a calypso number with social commentary (Money is King) written by The Growling Tiger of Trinidad, another gem by Boston songwriter Ed (I Fall Up) White (Nobody Cares), and a Skip James blues (Look Down the Road).

The Songs...

Lyrics for songs marked with *asterisks* can be found at Selected Song Lyrics

  1. *Put the Big Stone Down (G. Bartley)*
  2. *Blue Moon on New Years Eve (G. Bartley)*
  3. *Occam's Razor (G. Bartley, instru.)*
  4. *Muscle for the Wing (G. Bartley)*
  5. *Song to a Hawk (G. Bartley, instru.)*
  6. *Good-Bye Father (G. Bartley)*
  7. The Losing Part (Tom Paxton)
  8. *The Cat Song (G. Bartley)*
  9. * Trickle-Down Theory (G. Bartley, instru.)*
  10. Money is King (The Growling Tiger aka Neville Marcano)
  11. * Nobody Cares (Ed White)*
  12. Look Down the Road (Skip James)
  13. Look Down outro(G. Bartley, instru.)

The Players

Geoff; acoustic & resonator guitars played  fingerstyle, w/ flatpick & w/ slide, electric  guitars, electric guitar w/ E-bow, electric bass  guitar, harmonica, drum machine (not  programmed), and vocals
Howie Tarnower; mandolin
 (on Put the Big Stone Down)
Miss Tess; vocal harmony
 (on Blue Moon on New Years Eve)
Paul Lenart; electric guitar, electric bass guitar,  percussion (on Song to a Hawk)
Jeff Stout; trumpet (on Song to a Hawk)
Hiro Arita; Django Reinhardt-style guitar (on  Money is King).

Recorded & mixed at Grant-Me-A-Reprieve  Studio, Framingham, MA except Song to a
 Hawk recorded & mixed by Paul Lenart at the  Swordfish Club, Arlington, MA.
Mastered by Brad Meyer at
 Point One Audio, Inc., Lincoln, MA.


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