Song Lyrics
(and performance notes from Geoff)

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Lyrics from Mercy for the Dispossessed:

CD cover Mercy for the Dispossessed (notes for guitar players)

Long Way Down to Harlan

Everything's 4 Sale

Came Home Last Night with One Sock On

Painted Pony (notes for guitar players)

The Past is Dead and Gone

Lyrics from Put the Big Stone Down:

Put the Big Stone Down

Occam's Razor (notes for players)

Blue Moon on New Years Eve

Muscle for the Wing

Song to a Hawk (notes for players)

Good-Bye Father

The Cat Song

Trickle-Down Theory

Nobody Cares

Lyrics from Blackbirds in the Pie:

Blackbirds in the Pie cover


I Could Dance All Night to the Blues

Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair

I Fall Up

Moonrise (notes)

Play the Cards the Way They Lie

Bozos on the Road No.2

The Song of Imaginary Gifts

Moonset (notes)

God Bless the Grass (notes)

Central Square


Open Any Door

Lyrics from One Kind Word:

One Kind Word cover

One Kind Word

Welcome to the Spiral Dance

Noah's Ark

Natural Law

Into the Deeper Blue

See That My Grave

We're All Alike

Cut By Wire

A Letter From Prison

The Wealthiest of Men

Let Falling Stars . . .

Lyrics from Hear That Wind Howl:

Hear That Wind Howl cover

Everything They Told Me

Peaceable Street

Lyrics from Interstates:

Interstates cover

Death is the Robber


New England Towns


Lyrics from Blues Beneath the Surface:

Blues Beneath the Surface cover Bozos On the Road

The Language of Stones

On the Run Too Long

Up Here With the Moon

Who Should Know

Lyrics from Bones and Breath:

Bones and Breath

The Language of Stones /Snake / Crow / Riding West

Carbon County / The Wealthiest of Men / Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone

Lyrics from I Am the Heart:

I Am the Heart cover

Bullets and Canned Goods

Everything to Love

I Am the Heart

I Could Dance All Night

Long Distance Late Night Phone

Please Mr. Soundman

Spirit Wars