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You'll need to contact Geoff if you want a copy of "I Am the Heart" (available on cassette only) or
the single of "The Song of Imaginary Gifts" with mailing envelope (see item description in Recording Info below.)

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Number 1 Album
on the international FolkDJ
radio playlists for August 2012!

Mercy for the Dispossessed
Number 1 Album
on the international FolkDJ
radio playlists for January 2011

Put the Big Stone Down
Blackbirds in the Pie cover

Blackbirds in the Pie
The Song of Imaginary Gifts cover

The Song of Imaginary Gifts
One Kind Word cover

One Kind Word
Hear That Wind Howl cover

Hear That Wind Howl
Interstates cover

Blues Beneath the Surface cover

Blues Beneath the Surface
Bones and Breath

Bones and Breath
I Am the Heart cover

I am the Heart


Having the CDs signed allows them to play back in stereo, and also allows you to hear all the other instruments . . . a little trick I learned from Tom Paxton. ~ Geoff