One Kind Word

Waterbug Records WBG - 0046

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What is to give light must endure burning. ~ Viktor Frankl

This twelve-song CD is perhaps Geoff Bartley's deepest & most rewarding recording so far. Mostly songs he's written (two co-writes and a classic blues are the exceptions), One Kind Word is the work of a mature artist in full flower. The subject matter will be familiar to his fans as he explores self-discovery and redemption through love songs, politics, blues, and the edges of mysticism coupled with observations of the natural world. Production treatments range from solo acoustic guitar to full band.

The Songs...

Lyrics for all the songs on One Kind Word can be found at Selected Song Lyrics

  1. One Kind Word
  2. Welcome to the Spiral Dance
  3. Noah's Ark
  4. Natural Law
  5. Snowfall (guitar instrumental)
    A note for guitar players about this piece
  6. Into the Deeper Blue
  7. See That My Grave is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
  8. We're All Alike (G. Bartley & Jack Williams)
  9. Cut by Wire (G. Bartley & John Gorka)
  10. A Letter from Prison
  11. The Wealthiest of Men
  12. Let Falling Stars...

The Players

Seth Connelly; piano, lap steel, electric guitars, mandolin, Dobro
Billy Novick; soprano sax, pennywhistle, wooden flutes
Matt Jenson; Hammond B-3 organ
Matt Leavenworth; fiddle
Ben Wittman; drums
Ricardo Monzon & Earnesto Diaz; percussion
Mike Rivard; upright bass & electric bass guitars
Lisa & Selena Wilson, John Gorka, Jennifer Kimball, Greg Greenway, Jonatha Brooke, Catie Curtis, Les Sampou,
& John Lincoln Wright; backing vocals
Geoff; vocals, acoustic wooden/resonator/electric guitars, ocarina, harmonica

Co-produced by Frank Coakley and Geoff Bartley.
Recorded and mixed by Eric Kilburn at Wellspring Sound.
Eric assisted with production and also lent me his Martin M-36 for recording many of the acoustic guitar tracks.

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          photo by Frank Coakley


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