I Am the Heart

Magic Crow Records MCR - 1003-C

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(This cassette available only at live shows or by contacting us.)

I Am The Heart (1988) is the third recording by Geoff Bartley. Ten of the twelve songs here are Bartley originals, and all were recorded live in the studio using only Geoff's voice, guitar, and harmonica. The only over-dubbed track is the second guitar on Green Street Blues.

Fans of Bartley's work will recognize his signature touch on folk-blues style acoustic guitar & harmonica, and will enjoy this collection for its plain-spoken love songs, its social & political commentary, and for its liberal doses of humor.

The Songs...

Lyrics for songs marked with *asterisks* can be found at Selected Song Lyrics

  1. *I Am the Heart*
  2. *Spirit Wars*
  3. *I Could Dance All Night to the Blues*
  4. First Ride (solo guitar instrumental written by Toronto guitarist & songwriter, Don Ross)
  5. *Bullets and Canned Goods*
  6. *Please Mr. Soundman, Have Mercy on Me*
  7. Green Street Blues
  8. Modern Valentine (Rubber Love) (G. Bartley & John Gorka)
  9. Wastin' My Time
  10. City of Faith
  11. *Long Distance Late Night Phone*
  12. *Everything to Love*


Recorded & mixed by Tom Daley
All songs written by Geoff Bartley except as noted
Words & music by Geoff Bartley 1988
Published by Joshua Omar's Music BMI
All Rights Reserved

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