Bones and Breath

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Bones and Breath

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The ten pieces on this limited release full-length CD intersperse Timothy Mason's spoken word poetry with Geoff Bartley's songs set to an acoustic/rock music bed. Production treatments run from electric bass, drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and Hammond B-3 organ to solo acoustic guitar.

Subject matter focuses predominantly on the spiritual aspects of the human experience, but we salted our serious agenda with a few liberal doses of humor. Geoff offers songs here that he has recorded previously, but combined with Timothy Mason's powerful spoken word poetry, they take on new dimensions.

The Songs...

Lyrics for songs marked with *asterisks* can be found at Selected Song Lyrics

  1. Texas Trip (4:57)
  2. Bozos on the Road (3:09)
  3. The Language of Stones / Snake / Crow / Riding West (9:37) *
  4. Natural Law / The Forest Trilogy (7:13)
  5. Into the Deeper Blue / Dolphin (6:03)
  6. The Woman Who Cleans My Teeth (by Jacob Knight, live) (2:54)
  7. Fort Point: Deseret / Spirit Wars (5:19)
  8. Four Sisters / Death Don't Have No Mercy in This Land (Rev. Gary Davis) (3:34)
  9. Welcome to the Spiral Dance / Midnight Run (4:43)
  10. Carbon County / The Wealthiest of Men /Gently, Like Water, Cracking Stone (8:48) *

The Players

Tim and Geoff at the Cantab

Tim; reads
Geoff; read & vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Matt Jenson; Hammond B3 organ
Phil Antoniades; drums and percussion
Ruth Mendelson; bass guitar

Read a review of Bones & Breath selections that Geoff & Tim presented at a benefit concert
for the Nameless Coffeehouse in Harvard Square,Cambridge, MA on May 1, 2004

From the back cover -

In a program lasting less than an hour, we have managed to touch on the time-honored subjects of Love, Life, Death, Rebirth, Sacrifice, Reconciliation, Transcendence, Hope, Faith, War & Peace, the search for Meaning, snakes & snake charmers, crows, lizards, Coyote, leopards, dolphins, lambs, lions, rhinoceroses, mules, the Afterlife, the Sacred, circular breathing, mountains, deserts, lakes & rivers, Dreams, Healing, coal mining, Prayer, Greed, Hatred, Delusion, hats, Civil Disobedience, Justice, the Dalai Lama, the Muse, gyroscopes, trees, bad drivers, oral hygiene, lay-offs, and Prejudice. Obviously we've covered a lot of ground here, but we think you'll enjoy the trip.


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