Please Mister Soundman Have Mercy On Me

words & music by Geoff Bartley 1988
Published by Joshua Omar's Music BMI
All Rights Reserved

note explosion

Hey... Mister Soundman... can you hear me?
Can you hear every word that I say?
Does it sound okay? Will I get paid today?
Well it may sound kind of funny but we both know it's true
The way you tweak those little knobs my life depends on you
Please Mister Soundman have mercy on me!

Well there's people in the aisles and people in the stands
And it's clear that my career is balanced in your hands
The promoter's in the audience man and Warner Brothers too
If I come out sounding like Harpo Marx what am I supposed to do?
Please Mister Soundman have mercy on me!

You know I'd like to sound like Skip James and Frank Sinatra too
And I really like Bobby McFerron but Tom Waits will do
(yeah I wanna pull on your coat about something here)
I want to sound like Ray Charles if you can manage that
Or how 'bout the King before he ran to fat?
Please Mister Soundman have mercy on me!

You know I've been working so hard for a break in my little career
And I got to sound good for all these good people here
'Cause they've been camped outside this concert hall yeah and it's
eighteen bucks a seat
If I sound like Trini Lopez they might show me to the street
Please Mister Soundman have mercy, you know

I need that screaming feedback like a duck needs a crutch
And it sounds like Jimi Hendrix tryin' to get in touch
Please Mister Soundman have mercy on me!

I Am the Heart

Geoff; vocal, 1971 Martin D-35 in standard tuning key of A

This is a song I rarely, if ever, sing the same way twice. It keeps evolving as other lines occur to me during sound tests. With grateful acknowledgement to all the sound people who've mixed me live over the years. ~ Geoff


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