Bozos On the Road

words & music by Geoff Bartley 1992 & 1998
Published by Joshua Omar's Music BMI
All Rights Reserved

Bozos... bozos... driving nice and slow
Hogging up the left lane, everywhere they go
Big cigars that make 'em cough, never turn their blinkers off
I think that their brains are soft, bozos on the road

Bozos... bozos... like to leave their beams up bright
Calling on their telephones, spacing out at the traffic light
Blacked out Porsche he's a hunk, thirty-nine and still a punk
A case of Schaeffer in the trunk, bozo's on the road

Bozos... bozos... smoking at the pump
Honking at the pretty girls, waving when they jump
They put on make-up, do their hair, never look to see you there
You can pass 'em but I don't dare, those bozos on the road

Bozos... bozos... by the grace of God
Cruising in their land yachts, bozo's dropped a wad
Worse than rhino run amok, bozo in a rented truck
Doesn't give a flying fish, bozo's on the road

Bozos... bozos... driving on the moon
There's thousands of 'em out there, one's bound to nail me soon
They tool around without a clue, back out right in front of you
Parking spaces, well they take two, bozos on the road

Their stereos can make you deaf, signal right and then turn left
Maybe they're immune to death, bozos on the road
Bozos on the road

Blues Beneath the Surface

track 8

Geoff: all vocals, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Precision bass, drum machine
Recorded on a Tascam Porta-One 4-track cassette recorder & mixed to DAT

The only problem with this song was editing it down so it would fit on one CD. The first draft had about two hundred and seventy-five verses, and they were written before Americans fell in love with Sport Utility Vehicles. Please feel free to make up your own verses and slide 'em in wherever they fit. ~ Geoff


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