Review of Bones & Breath selections
presented at a benefit concert
for the Nameless Coffeehouse
in Harvard Square,Cambridge, MA
on May 1, 2004

Bones and Breath

The following paragraph is excerpted from the article
Happy 37th birthday! - Nameless Coffeehouse Annual Benefit Show
By Liz Carlisle
Published Thursday, May 6, 2004
In The Harvard Independent
Harvard University's Weekly Newsmagazine

At the Nameless Coffeehouse Annual Benefit Show on Saturday, May 1, 2004, Geoff and Tim performed two pieces from "Bones and Breath" the collaborative CD they released in August 2004. This is a review of that segment of the concert.

Geoff Bartley and Tim Mason's collaboration, a mixture of pitched-lyric, guitar (Bartley), and spoken word (Mason), was especially thought-provoking and poetic... their presentation was a far cry from a philosophy with a soundtrack. Geoff is, after all, an award-winning guitar player, and Mason's presentation is so aurally captivating that he is able, as a poet, to capture large audiences at folk festivals that primarily feature singer-songwriters. In my favorite song of their set, a landscape piece entitled "Kaiparowits Plateau," Mason and Bartley reconstructed the open spaces and awesome natural power of Southern Utah in a masterfully integrated montage of words and guitar. Geoff's canyon-wide intervals and strategic silences were as visually evocative as Tim's thoughtfully-crafted words. If you are among those who allege that folk music is only for whiners and intellectuals, I challenge you to listen to one of Bartley and Mason's collaborations without responding both physically and emotionally.


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