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Blues Beneath the Surface

Swallowtail Records ST - 1001

Blues Beneath the Surface cover

"Any electric guitarist who thinks an acoustic guitar can't be played with balls should hear this album. Bartley doesn't so much play the guitar as command it, splicing classical techniques with jazz and blues idioms, and combining some of the most diverse and elegant chords ever assembled."
~ Eric Kilburn, Sweet Potato magazine, Portland, ME

"An extremely strong guitarist and harmonica swingman, Bartley is musically impeccable, a real virtuoso in fact... with some delicious licks full of elegant craftsmanship... this is a fantastically skilled and likeable musician..."
~ Robert Coltman, The Record Roundup, Cambridge, MA

"Geoff Bartley has matured so rapidly as a folk-blues artist that he has arrived at the top of his profession just slightly ahead of his reputation, which should soon mean that he is the master of his genre."
~ Fast Folk Musical Magazine, New York, NY

"Intelligent, educated music that swings, this is classy blues with lots of sweet, sad guitar... a very fine album, highly recommended."
~ Leslie Oren, Lost Music Network, Olympia, WA

And Blues Beneath the Surface continued to garner praise 18 years after its release and 8 years after its reissue on CD:

"This CD is a revelation of yet another talented singer-songwriter who needs only that elusive "big break" to give the music world another top-class writer and performer."
~ Nicky Rossiter, Rambles (on-line cultural arts magazine) - Sept. 2002


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